The UK Gas Market

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The UK gas market provides heat to over 22 million homes, whilst also providing around one third of electricity and energy for thousands of businesses. While there is a developed commercial regime and wholesale market for gas, the technical complexities of supplying natural gas through pipelines can have major impacts on price, availability and flexibility. This course provides delegates without an engineering or technical background with the key technical understanding necessary to make sense of the UK gas market.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1) What is Natural Gas?

    • Introduction

    • Natural Gas Safety

    • What does Natural Gas consist of?

    • How has Natural Gas developed?

    • Where does Natural Gas come from?

    • How does Natural Gas get to us?

    • The Physics of Natural Gas

    • Understanding Gas units

    • What is Natural Gas - Quiz

  • 2

    2) Understanding Gas Quality

    • Natural Gas Is...

    • Physical Characteristics of Natural Gas

    • Detail is in the units

    • Understanding Gas Quality - Quiz

  • 3

    3) Overview of the UK Upstream

    • Introduction

    • Gas Production

    • The Changing Face of the UKCS

    • Gas Supplies from LNG Imports

    • LNG Imports

    • World LNG Market

    • The Role of Interconnectors

    • Overview of the UK Upstream - Quiz

  • 4

    4) Moving Gas from the Beach to the Customer

    • Introduction

    • Overview of the NTS

    • Review of NGG NTS Assets

    • High-pressure Pipeline Design and Operation

    • Moving Gas from the Beach to the Customer - Quiz

  • 5

    5) System Design and Operation

    • Introduction

    • Overview of Gas Disribution Network

    • Gas Shrinkage

    • Pressure Reduction Installation Design and Operation

    • Operational Security

    • System Design and Operation - Quiz

  • 6

    6) Gas Storage

    • Introduction

    • Factors Driving the Development of Gas Storage

    • Types of Gas Storage

    • The role of Gas Storage

    • The Rough Case Study

    • Gas Storage - Quiz


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